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Without spending an extra cent on ads.

We help brands increase customer lifetime value with our signature OmniLTV™ Framework. Unlike other agencies that focus on email marketing alone, our multichannel strategy includes email, SMS, and direct mail to maximize your customer lifetime value.

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Take back control of your profit margins

At CopyLift, we believe customer acquisition shouldn’t cost so much.But since we’re not Google or Facebook and we can’t fix that, we’re fixing something that’ll win you back that ad cost 100 times over: your customer lifetime value.Successfully implementing tactics that grow LTV takes skill and focus. But the benefits are endless:
→ Month-on-Month revenue growth, especially as new customers buy more
→ Increased repeat purchases – every eComm founder’s dream
→ Increased AOV, because we strategically position upsells from the very beginning
→ Less one-time buyers, because our approach means you’re reaching customers more often, on more platforms
→ Total market domination – not promising this one but we’ll try :)
EVERYTHING we do for our clients is backed by this one goal:To get your customers buying a lot more from you, and a lot more oftenHere’s how we can work together:

Email Performance Reviews

Sending out dozens of campaigns and not sure why they’re not generating any revenue?Or have a killer campaign and want to squeeze out more revenue from it?Or maybe you need expert eyes on an email sequence before you hit send.Allow us to help

eCommerce growth marketing

Helping eCommerce brands grow long-term is our jam. We’ll build your unique organic growth strategy based on our signature OmniLTV™ framework. But we won’t leave you hanging. We’ll also implement and optimize it until you outperform your growth goals and start wondering why you low-balled yourself so much when you set those goals in the first place

90-Day Email Strategy in ONE Day

Don’t have inhouse expertise and want to hand off your email strategy to an experienced email marketer? In 8 hours we’ll help you develop a custom-tailored email strategy. From flows to campaigns and everything in between. No, you won’t be in an 8-hour meeting with us. It’ll only take 30 minutes of your time at the start of the day while we do the rest

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our happy clients

“Really impressed”

I think it’s worth knowing: Jace, Amara and I are really impressed by you and your work. We admire the quality and your commitment to excellence and your process. Thank you for all of your hard work

- Kyle Bowe

“Very talented”

Esther-Grace is very talented – plus easy to work with. (Always a plus!)

- Joanna Wiebe

“Helping me keep my email strategies fresh”

Thanks Esther-Grace, for teaching me something new and helping me keep my email strategies fresh”

- Nikki Elbaz

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